We pick you up from your hotel at the according time to go to the airport to do this tour in Nazca, it is important to carry the original passport, arriving at the airport our pilots and our counter will be waiting for you to reconfirm your information taking you weight for balancing the plane and then they will give you the information about the time of your flight.

You will be waiting for your flight watching an information video about the Ancient Nazca civilization and about the difference theories about the lines. After getting the time of the flight from the control tower we take you to the plane 15 minutes before your flight for having time for pictures and to give you the briefing about your flight, there are 2 levels designated for the control tower for flying the Nazca Lines, the altitude for the first level is 2500 feet and the second level is 3000 feet. We will give you a map of the circuit of the flight with the 20 figures, this Nazca Lines Flight takes around 35 to 40 minutes in the air; you will see these enigmatic figures that were studied by Maria Reiche during 50 years who said that the Nazca Lines are the biggest Astronomical Calendar, the arqueologist Mejia Xesspe said about the Nazca Lines were religious roads related with the mother earth, fertility, water and the sun.

In this Nazca Lines Flight you will see 20 figures, 14 figures of the Nazca Classic flight The Whale (65 mts), The Triangles (3 kms), The Astronaut (35 mts), The Dog (50 mts), The Monkey (90 mts), The Hummingbird (93 mts), The Spider (46 mts), The Condor (135), The Frigate Bird (135 mts), The Flamingo (300 mts), The Parrot (65 mts), The Hands (65 mts), The Tree (65 mts), The Baby Condor (35 mts), and the 6 new figures like the fish (35 mts), Catfish (30 mts), The Flower (25 mts), The Circle (77 mts), The Lizard (50 mts), The Frigate (400 mts) and in this Nazca Tour you will fly over the aqueducts of Cantalloc too.

At finishing your flight our counter will give you a Nazca Lines Flight Certificate for flying the Nazca Lines with us.

Flight Price $ 100.00 USD or S/. 415 PEN Per Person

Flight Date dd-mm-yyyy

The other months you will get a discount, for getting the discount fill the "Book Form"

In this tour is Included:

The transfer and English Assistance


  • The bus terminal in Nazca / Airport / Bus
  • Terminal Your hotel in Nazca / Airport / Hotel
  • Our office in Nazca / Airport / Office
  • A Flight Certificate


  • Your Passport not a photocopy
  • Your camera recommended
  • Air sickness medicine, if applicable


The flight over the Nazca Lines always depends on the weather condition; it is for security of the passengers.

To fly The Nazca Lines each passenger must carry the original passport.


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