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N Nazca Lines Flight From Nazca$100.00


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Nazca Lines Flights

Come fly with us and be marveled with the mysterious Nazca Lines, the Nazca Lines are a group of impressive figures that were carved into the desert by ancient Nazca people. The Nazca Lines flights will allow us to film and photograph the Nazca and Palpa Lines, fly to the Nazca Lines with us and enjoy our unique and exclusive service, with our highly qualified crew members and the best service in Nazca; our tour guide will explain to you all you need to know about the different theories about the Nazca Lines.

The flights to the Nazca Lines can be done from either the Maria Reiche Airport in Nazca (from Nazca it takes 35 minutes), from the Ica aerodrome (from Ica it takes 1 hour) or from the Pisco airport (from Pisco it takes 1 hour and 40 minutes). From Pisco and Ica it takes longer because of the distance that the airplane has to travel to arrive to the Nazca desert, where the figures are located. From every location, you will see the same figures and geoglyphs of Nazca. However, we offer two exclusive aerial tours, Nazca Lines mystery and Nazca Lines tours, both of them can only be done from Nazca.

Be amazed by the mystery of the Nazca Lines booking a flight with Alas Peruanas; the origin of these impressive geoglyphs carved into the desert have many explanations, being one of them the theory proposed by Maria Reiche, saying that these desert was a gigantic astronomical calendar, made by ancient Nazcans.

Discover the true secret of ancient Nazcans by taking a flight to the Palpa Lines, located near the Palpavalley; they seem much older than the ones found in Nazca. Erich von Daniken supported his theory of the Nazca Lines aliens by studying the Palpa Lines, proposing that the whole area was a landing site for extraterrestrial aircrafts.

Alas Peruanas offers the best service in the region, with over 15 years of experience, we are a certified aviation company by the Peruvian Government and the Aeronautical Authority of Peru, flying the Nazca Lines with Cessna aircraft models 206 and 172, we assure you the best experience that Peru has to give. We specialize in aerial filming and photographs.

Alas Peruanas organizes aerial tours in Nazca that allow us to observe the Cahuachi Pyramids, Cantalloc Aqueducts and new figures and Lines in Nazca and Palpa. Our guarantee is the thousands of satisfied tourists and the recommendations on the different tourists guide books, like Lonely Planet, Let’s go, South America Handbook.

Important Information Regarding Flights To The Nazca Lines

According to the letter N* 008-2013-MTC/12.04 sent by the Secretary of Transport and Comunications, dictating some guidelines regarding the flights over the Nazca Lines, we comply to inform that:

  • Between september 6th to frebruary 28th, operations will begin starting at 06:00 am (local time) if good weather conditions are present at the time.
  • Between March 1st to september 5th, operations will begin according to the published sunrise table found on the Aeronautical Information Publication of Peru, if good weather conditions are present at the time.
  • Between April 1st to october 25th, airplanes leaving the Nazca Lines circuit will leave it no more than 20 minutes before sunset.
  • Between october 26th to march 30th, airplanes will leave the Nazca Lines circuit no more than 17:40 (local time).

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of aircraft do we operate to overfly the Nazca Lines?

We operate Cessna aircraft models 206 and 172, with panoramic windows and high-wing configuration, allowing you to have the best view of the Nasca Lines.


Are the airplanes certified by the Peruvian Government?

Yes, every airplane in our fleet has an airworthiness certificate, issued by the Aeronautics authority of Peru, we also possess a certified maintenance center, guarantying the best care for our fleet.


At what time do the flights to the Nazca Lines begin?

In the months of July and August, due to the weather (winter in Peru), the Nazca Lines flights begin at 8 or 9 am, depending on the weather. The rest of the year we begin flying at 6 in the morning.


Do you fly with a tourist guide?

Yes, every aircraft flies with two crewmembers, a pilot and a copilot / tourist guide.


At what height are the flights done?

There are two flight levels in Nazca, 2500 feet and 3000 feet above the ground elevation; these two flight levels assure that you will have the most amazing view of the Nasca Lines.


How long does the Nazca Lines flights takes?

There are two types of flights: the 35 minutes flight, including the classic Nazca Lines circuit; and the 1 hour flight, including the Nazca and Palpa Lines.


Who certifies our airplanes flying the Nazca Lines?

The Peruvian government, via the Aeronautical authority of Peru, issues an airworthiness certificate each year to every airplane flying the Nazca Lines; along with this certificate, we are issued an authority approved Pilot’s Handbook of Operations (from the manufacturer, also certified by the aeronautical authority of Peru), and Weight and Balance formats.


Do you have a certified maintenance center?

Yes, we have a staff of mechanics licensed by the Aeronautical authority of Peru, they provide the best care for every aircraft in the fleet.


How are the aircrafts maintenance done?

For every airplane in the fleet, we possess a Technical Flight Report, in which we keep record of every flight hour of the Aircraft, the Engine, the Propeller, etc. thus maintaining a log to fulfill maintenance requirements of every aspect of the airplane according to the manufacturer’s requirements.


Why do we need to weight you before the flight to the Nazca Lines?

To comply with the Aeronautical Authority of Peru, we are required to present a weight and balance format, showing the weight of each crewmember, each passenger and the total weight of the airplane at the moment of filing the flight plan.


How to make good pictures and films of the Nazca Lines?

The best pictures and films are done with Cessna aircraft models 206 and 172, because they have panoramic windows and fly at less speed than other aircraft. The cessna 206 (with a four seating capacity) flies at 100 knots and the cessna 172 (with a two seating capacity) flies at 80 knots. Their high-wing configuration allows you to have the best view from the Nazca Lines. If your camera uses a variety of lenses, please consider that the height of the flight will be of 700 feet and 1200 feet above the ground elevation.


end faq